grrr the brownlow let down 2010

I predicted last night that we won’t be seeing anything special tonight. I wasn’t too far off the mark there.
Seriously not one WAG looked good enough for all the hype the event receives. Not one of them dressed for the occasion.
Too many blacks and boring outfits for me. should I mention that these WAGS don’t exactly have events galore to attend that we can maybe say it this one was a miss. They have 12 months to get their act together yet many just don’t know how to work the red carpet.

I’m talking about the WAGs that we know really well,  you know the one that just never miss the opportunity to be in the social pages. Call me harsh if you may, but i say if your going to annoy me all year every Sunday morning as i enjoy the paper at least dress properly the one time i want to see you.

here are the ‘ok but pls try next time”

As for the shockers

Thats all for tonight.
Ones hoping some improvements in 2011 😛


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