What i wore to work today!!!!

I woke up today and I looked over to my dresser and saw my brand new ring and knew instantly what i was going to wear. It was such a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne I wanted to wear a bit of colour after months of grey and blacks thanks to winter.
This gorgeous butterfly top has been the purchase of this year. It’s soo elegant and comfortable. It can easily be dressed up or down. i loveeee the print and colours. Purple and coral are just soo awesome!!!!!
The body tights I’m wearing is also amazing basics for Muslim women who have to dress modestly. I have them in every colour.
My skirt is a new find from Supre. I have been looking for comfortable plain long black skirts for ages. I stocked up just in-case i can’t find them.
the shoes was a case of love at first sight 😛
I have worn them everyday and boy are they comfortable.
My accessories are all from Diva.I just love the large ring and the bangles.
I just can never seem to have enough jeweleries.

The pics are courtesy of the gorgeous Natashay.
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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