Clinique pack

I arrived home this arvo from a long day at work to find a beautiful white parcel with a purple ribbon tied on it on my bed. I went all frantic trying to open it because I just couldn’t remember what was in it?
Grabbed the scissors frantically and I cut the package open to find a gorgeous grey and white makeup bag with 5 Clinique skin care products. Omg they are soo cute!!!!.
I just can’t wait to use them tomorrow morning.
Clinique has been a brand I always wanted to use but never had the money to purchase their products (can get a bit dear to purchas the skin care range)
I was surfing a few skincare sights a few weeks ago and came across this travelers pack. A brilliant option when your not too sure how the products going to be. I’m going by recommendations with Clinique but we all know with skin care it’s each to their own  right?.
 I’m soo excited to start using the city block because of black spots I have as a result to prolonged sun damage.

It’s soo sad that I’m soo excited about something soo little.I guess it’s not everyday you receive a pretty parcel like I did today.

Soo what’s excited you guys lately?
 Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Clinique pack

  1. omg I have always wanted to use their products but alwasy out of my budget. i was soo happy to get this back online.
    loving it already.

    your blog is amazing hun.
    Ur just soo bloody talented I'm green with envy.
    Trendy melbourne xoxox


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