wooh spring has come!!!

Today the weather in Melbourne was soooo beautifu!!!!
The kind that you just wanted to take your shoe off and run on the cold soft grass.
None of that for me, i was driving back from work. Yes I was indoors all the while the gorgeous day passed me. I see parks filled with families enjoying the glories weather.Envy doesn’t even come close to describing how i felt to have missed out.
So as I sit here on my computer filtering through my albums, I came across some pics that were taken on days looked a lot like today.

I love this dress, it’s so different. I have worn it soo many ways i lost count. Even as a skirt and it looked great!!!

On the way to Sorrento, it looks a bit overcast but it was a lovely day.

This is the beautiful Treasury Garden in Carlton
My gorgeous cousin Mona and I at Melbourne Central.

I know I’m cheating here but you see I wasn’t wearing anything that expressed the beautiful spring day her in Melbourne not even close so I hope these pics will 🙂

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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