what i wore to a family bbq!!!!

At last i get to sit and post a decent one.
apologies once again. i really admire those that can do this on a daily basis.

Last Saturday my gorgeous cousins Dal and her family invited us over for a farewell bbq. I’m going on a os trip to Europe and Africa for a few months for the FIRST TIME IN 14 YRS!!!!!!!
 I was looking forward to the bbq all week and so i got all dressed up for the occassion ( had work before hand too so yeah).
Anyways this dress is courtesy of Forever new. I love anything coral , It’s soo vibrant nothing can get me down when i’m wearing awesome colours. I mean nothing!!!!
The material is amazing. loose and comfortable. As for the cardigan, well this one is of my fav. It goes with  just about anything.  I bought it from Suite Boutique in my local shopping centre 2 years ago for $5. Talk about bargains. If only i have it in black… if only 😦
Tight body basic is a Egyptian brand i have in soo many colours as you can see in my 1st what i wore to work today post. I can never have enough.
Scarf is from the gorgeous Hijabi and the city blogger and her awesome edb scarf and design. http://edbdesigns.blogspot.com
I wasn’t 100% on the scarf chose but i think it all completes the outfit.
Ring from Diva

All in all an awesome day with the family and a glories day in Melbourne.
Luv always
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


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