In London and can’t use my laptop

Hey ladies,
I know I’m hopeless at this whole blogging thing. I have been away from Melbourne for the last week or so in Sweden visiting my uncle and is now in London shopping. The thing I hate most about the trip soo far has been the fact I can’t use my laptop and phone because of the adapter issues.
London is amazing. The weather has been gorgeous mashallah.
I just got back from a 6 hours shopping in downtown London.
One thing I realized us how much we in Australia are deprived of awesome shops. I died in the inside when I realized there was no way I could by everything with only 15 kgs permitted on the plane.
There are 4 days remaining and I’m not sure what and where I want to do and see.
Pictures will be uploaded as soon as I can find an Aussie plug convertor ladies.
Sooo sorry.
Luv always from
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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