London is the place to be!!!!

Hey Ladies,
I’m back in Stockholm after a week in London with my cousin and some friends. As mentioned in the previous post, London is amazing. I loved everything about it, especially the shopping experience and London’s night life.
I spent all day and night shopping in the famous shopping strips of London. Walking down Oxford, Regent and Carnaby streets to mention a few. 
Saving up enough money for this trip was never easy. The pound is very expensive in comparison to the Australian dollar. However because England is still going through the GFC everything was very affordable.
Shopping at brands and department stores like selfridge & Co, Debenhams, Next, Topshop and Zara would normaly harm your hip pocket but not this time around. Gorgeous skirts and jumpers for little over 10 pounds.
My advise is to head over to Europe now in order to get more buck for your money.
A wonderful week in London shopping and sightseeing. I love London and already planing the return trip next year inshallah.

P.s I finally found a adaptor that works on my laptop which is just brilliant.
Will do my best to upload as many pics as possible. you will notice that my cream coat is in every picture it wasn’t that cold to have to need it but i seem to be wearing it all the time.

much love
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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