shopping, coffee and then more shopping

I woke up yesterday to a white Stockholm. It’s snow all over the place. It’s an amazing sight until you need to go out and do things. It was quite scary walking around without the right shoes on. 
I went out with my cousins to a nearby shopping center in Stockholm called Kista. It was heaps of fun. I love the fact that here in Stockholm and i believe most large European cities their shopping centers are opened til 9pm most weekdays. Something unheard of in Australia, maybe one day hey.
I went back to my favorite cafe for a smooth and creamy latte and i got just that. It was very creamy. I’m quite fussy with my coffee, so i was very happy when i found this particular cafe.  
We shopped a fair bit for gifts and bargain buys. I love H&M it’s an awesome store. We really need it in Australia. It has great cloths and very affordable. I’ll be taking pics of the items i purchased last week in my next post inshallah.
I’m wearing this gorgeous chiffon like skirt from in London. I love the colour’s, length as well as the feel to it. The skinny black belt has been handy too. It’s the purchase of the trip so far for sure.
The black crop jacket i bought from Dotti awhile back now is great to have because it’s soo easy to mix and match with many outfits.
This black satin scarf is one of my favorite which i bought from a store called Istanbul in Melbourne.
My boots are knee length with a small hell from Novo. I have worn them on a daily bases during the aussie winter as well as this trip. To me comfort is everything and these pair are right up there.
The bag i love and you will be seeing it in many posts to come. I bought this beauty from Primark in London.  have a look on this sight  you will not be disappointed if your after bargains and awesome stuff
Here are the pics i took in the center.. let me know what you think???
I’m off take care and I’ll keep you posted as much as i can.
Much love from Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo

My creamy latte

My little Cousin Faris and Me

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