I have been in Egypt for the past 2 weeks and have not once posted on here.
I wasn’t able to log in to my account because everything is in Arabic on the main page and i suck when it comes to reading. I’m soo happy to have found the right link now 🙂
Egypt has been one hell of an experience. It was always one of my dream destination.
As we drove into the city at 3am from the airport and saw how alive the city was i knew i was going to love this place.
Were staying 40 min from Cairo so i was able to take in alot of what awaits me for the weeks to come.
It took two weeks for me to finally get use to the crowds and the Egyptian way of doing things, like you know crossing the road, not so easy i found..
Fashion wise as a hijabi i loved been part of the majority that’s for sure.
Scarf stores left and right, i just couldn’t get enough. one thing that disappointed me the most was the casual wear.
It’s winter here and I’m not a huge fan of the trends at the moment.I though i was going to go crazy with all the shopping. Oh well maybe next time i might just be in luck.

I have been searching my folders  for some pics of my outfits to post but i just found the two.
To be honest i know the reason behind the lack of pictures taken. I thought i was never going to have access to my blog while in Egypt.
Both outfits were worn while i was in Sharm el-sheik.
Para-sailing in the Red sea was simply amazing. The highlight of this trip has been Sharm El-Sheik.

Much luv
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


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