The ultimate splurg

Here is the deal, It’s been two years since I started watching Arabic tv, more so the the gulf region and til this day I can not get over, how awesome they dress???????
I absolutely love the extravagance in their style. Everything is over the top, from long kaftan dresses, abays soo beautiful to the formal gowns. No such thing as “less is more” in that part of the world 😛
 It’s the look of elegance, glamor and class I have always loved about the Kaftans. I have seen them in all colours and designs but I just loved the one pictured below modeled by my gorgeous cousin Mona.
When I was in Egypt I came a across this one in a store called Muhajaba.
I died from the inside as I ever so sloooowly turned the price tag over to reveal a whooping $2000!!!!!!!!!! OMG talk about little out of the price range..hehehehehe
Ok It wasn’t the right colour but more the design simplicity and elegance of the gown.
Just picture it in a deep red or mauve, how about a rich jade? Ahhhhhhhhhh
I’m soo getting myself one on my next trip to Dubai .There is no coming home empty handed I tell you.

Much love
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox

5 thoughts on “The ultimate splurg

  1. Verrrry beautiful indeed, Trendy (dont know if Im allowed to say your real name here?) I was going to buy something similar here, Sydney Rd Brunswick theres an Arab shop, mish mash of homewares and clothing, go have a look. I think it was a little over $200, obvioulsy wont be the same quality but it was pretty good!


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