Please help me find my new baby!!!!!!!!

Hey pretty ladies,
Hope your all doing fine.
My poor little Sony Cybershot is pleading with me to let it rest in peace. It’s my first eva camera and it’s hot pink and I didn’t listen to it………. until Sunday!!!!!!!!
I went out to pick up some wedding pics from a photographer and dressed a little bit.
So when I got back I though to take some pics for here and boy was I unhappy.
The quality was soooooooooooooooo crap I was ready to slam dunk it into the garbage bin not too far from where I was posing.
I have since been reading blogs on DSLRS and asking the resident photographer at work and I’m still with no camera. Grrrrr I hate been indecisive!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s soo out of character but this one has my brain hurtn.
So all the lovely ladies out there, go ahead and tell me what to get? cuz there gona be no camera for a awhile if the decision is left to me.

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Tank singlet: Forever New
High waisted skirt: H&M
Hijab: Cotton On
Gold braclets: Primark
So what do you ladies think ?
Much love
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox

3 thoughts on “Please help me find my new baby!!!!!!!!

  1. U look lovely mashallah!! i really dont know about cams. i cbs with slr cams so i went and got myself a canon powershot. closest thing to an slr cam without any fiddly bits. basically its a really good digi cam 🙂


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