Pay Day and loving it :)

Hey ladies,
Like the title says, pay day to day and I was shopping online all day. 
That’s basically how I kill time in between calls 🙂
It occurred to me how long it’s been since I last saw the Miss Selfridge range.
The last post kinda triggered my memory. 
Got home jumped on my laptop and away I went.
So here are the two items that will be included into my collection.
I love rings. You can never have enough of them.  How pretty is this one?

Pastel Wing ring

My second item is this wooh soo pretty Rose Leather Bow Wedge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved the chiffon ribbon and gold details.
They just spoke to me the minute I layed eyes on them ….
ahahahahah and then enter voice of reason ‘your gona be sorry when you have no money for the train to get to work” blah blah blah
Ahhhhhh mate you clearly haven’t seen how hot these beauties are.

So what all you lovely ladies think.
Who is right Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please don’t let me down) Or You know who?

love always
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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