Ahhh it’s been one of those weeks :(

Hey ladies………
Hope your all well 🙂
I’m sure we have all had one of those weeks.. you know the one that you just can’t seem to see the end.
Well for me week one of uni was why. I feel like a complete wreck.
Back to the books and tutorials. I did not miss it one bit.
One year of working and no additional stress was amazing 🙂
Already I feel overwhelmed with assignment, notes and blah blah blah.
So I have been terrible with posting. cough*

However I didn’t forget to shop in-between my meltdowns….

Soo this is what excited me this week

Miss Selfridge: Apricot Long Cover Up

What all you lovely ladies have to say?

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox

3 thoughts on “Ahhh it’s been one of those weeks :(

  1. hey beautiful,
    The cardi is beautiful 🙂
    I'm doing my Bachelor of psychology.
    Love your work.
    Mashallah ur blog is amazing.
    hows study treating u?
    thanks for your support
    love always
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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