Out and about with my girl.

Salams everyone,

Hope your all doing well inshallah.
It was rather a gloomy day in Melbourne but that didn’t stop me from catching up with my bestie.  
Here is the thing my bestie lives on the other side of town and catching up is a rear occasion. So when we finally do it’s always soo worth the wait.
Soo we did what every best pals love to do………. SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We hit the Docklands shopping strip and shopped our savings away.
A bit of retail therapy with the bestie is always advised.
As we window shopped and strolled the lanes it made me realise just how much I  missed my girl.
I missed having her there to tell her everything and get her opinion on things I was going through.
Everyone needs to have a friends like mine.
Alhamdulliah for a friend indeed.

So here are some of the snaps we took enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gloomy Melbourne

My BFF and ME 🙂

better pic of the Docklands

I did say it was a retail therapy

Laughter is the best medicine

Mecca Bah delicious food
My giant “Welcome back Samira” cookie .I’m very lucky 🙂

My outfit: Top Sorayya Design & H&M skirt

thanks waiter


AHHH pic don’t do justiceto the  size of that dog. none was quite sure if it was a dog or bear.


not sure what I was doing u know other then posing.

There you go…
Great day out with the best friend and my sprites are high alhamdulliah.

Love always

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


3 thoughts on “Out and about with my girl.

  1. You look like u had a productive day (ie the shopping,lol) and you look great as always MashAllah! Now you got my shopping itch going, looks like harbour town here i come!!:)


  2. Ebru it was great and all under $100. Waterfront is a good place. It's quite deserted but i like it. I have the whole shop to me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Krissy yeah Nas.. it has been over 5 month seen we last caught up and it was worth the wait. She is awesome.

    luv u loads
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoox


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