Tommorrow: early gathering, BBQ to raise funds for an orphanage and many more inshallah

Hello lovelies,

OMG how the days just fly by!!!!!!
My last post was 7 days ago……… I though I was doing well.
Alhamdulliah I had a lovely day off and Melbourne put on a gorgeous sunny day.
All I wanted to do was stay home, lazy about all day.I achieved just that and did not feel guilt about it.
We all deserve a lazy day after a long week I say.
So tomorrow is going to be a jam packed day. Soo glad I took my Friday easy 😛
I have a family gathering nice and earlier and then i shall hit the road across town over to the bbq.
My best friend Nas, whom you have meet a few posts ago has organised a bbq to raise funds for an orphanage in Kenya mashallah. I’m soo proud of her and can’t wait to be there tomorrow.
We get soo wrapped up in our own little world, others suffering far away just doesn’t seem to be our concern. I’m guilty of it everyday and mind you it’s only been four month when I was last in Africa.
May Allah forgive us all.
I’ll keep you all posted about the day inshallah.

Heres a few pics that brought back the memories of my homeland Eritrea 🙂

School kids trying to get a lift back home… full taxi… oh the guilt and shame 😦

I was actually helping out.. I promise wasn’t posing for the camera 😛

My aunts kitchen…. imagine having to walk across the street to get to your kitchen

My niece and nephews with a friends kids.

Being a good girl and serving the guest home grown corn 🙂

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


6 thoughts on “Tommorrow: early gathering, BBQ to raise funds for an orphanage and many more inshallah

  1. Assalamaualaikum….sister, thank you for joining my blog…I know I'm taking yeaaaars to response.How did you come to Melbourne? My sister is doing her PHD there. I don't know which U. God bless you with fund raising…I hope its a great success…InshaAllah.


  2. wa alkuim asalam hun,
    I enjoy reading your blog mashallah.
    My family migrated to Australia in 96 and have been her since.
    I luv it here alhumdullah.
    OMG ….what a small world?
    it's a beautiful friend of mine who is organising it and it was great being there to support her.
    We all need friends that remind us to do good.

    Love always,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox


  3. Aww thanks for the support.
    I was really there to support my beautiful bf who organised it. Alhamdulliah everyone gave generously. Every dollar truly builds to something significant for those in need.

    love always,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxox

    p.s I luv your blog mashallah.


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