Bbq fundraiser a success alhamduliah

Hello to all the lovey ladies,

As you all know I went to the bbq this afternoon, organised by my best friend to raise funds for an orphanage in Kenya and it was wonderful alhamdulliah. I loved the thought to bring all her friends together and just give a little back. I’m soo lucky to have a friend that wants to make a change and bring others together to do good.

It’s hard today to find friends that lead by example to do well.

The only down for the day was all my doing………… I fogot my camera!!!!!
Lameeeeeee I know and like as if you forget. Seriously I think it’s clear that the love between me and the camera is wearing very thin.
Gutted 😦

So here are some snaps I took after I got home…. none to take pics of my outfit.

scarf not sure
Photo-shopping skill

Kinki Gerlinki necklace…. love!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to do the whole photo in front of the mirror

Ring from god knows where

I love this dress sooo comfy

This was attached to the dress… cute 🙂

Luv always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox


4 thoughts on “Bbq fundraiser a success alhamduliah

  1. Thnx beautiful.
    When I wore it for the first time all i could think of was the beach. It's resort wear,all i could think of how awesome i would be if i were on some remote island.. relaxing in the awesome sun.
    If only 😦

    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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