I just have to share it!!!!!!

Hey ladies,
A little post on what I wore to work today.
Yeah i know it’s sunday and i have to work. Some of us have to do it the hard way you know ๐Ÿ˜›
I was going through the drills this morning. You know the whole I don’t have anything to wear .. blah balah blah…ย 
Turns out I was sooo over reacting because this beauty was just hanging there… staring right at me.
How could I not… it was the most awesomest thing I bought back from London.
I just have to share it!!!!!!
I’m not a huge fan ofย  animal prints but this was different.

Top shop dress… love the zipper detail

My little 6 yr old niece’s awesome photography skills

Lovisa ring
My awesome Supre skirt always comes handy.
I love the drapping of the material. Black belt just perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

yeah ok I agree, a new a scarfย  is needed

Soo what you all think???
Yes… No…. Unsure or Simply couldn’t give a stuff
Trust me I can take it.

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


7 thoughts on “I just have to share it!!!!!!

  1. awww ur too kind hun.

    Anything from Topshop is amazing.
    I was soo happy to find a long top/dress where I can team it with my many straight skirts.

    Ohh i have to say Thanks for sharing the pencil skirt idea. I made mine a few days later with material my sis had at home and it's a hit alright.

    Ur just awesome sis <3
    I will post on it next inshallah.

    luv always,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox


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