Winter is here alright !!!!!!!

Hello to all the gorgeous ladies,

Hope your all in the best health and enjoying the week.
Just popping in for a tiny post today.
Can you believe it winter is upon us, yes I know already. Grrrrrr not a huge fan can you tell.
I hate been cold and the whole rain and wind. Not fun at all. I commute to work every morning and it’s terrible.
Having said that …………a little tiny whiny bit of me is looking forward to it. Strange I know. Why you may ask?????
Strictly fashion purposes.I have seen soo many awesome coats, jackets and capes on my way to and from work I’m excited. Secondly Winter is all about LAYERS !!!!!!!!!! So dressing for a hijabi it’s just perfect.

Here’s a few pics of me in Sweden enjoying …………..Winter 😛

cool, calm and collected

OMG i actually did the pose i hate most…shame

Poser 😛

That is what i call stunning beauty Mashallah

follow the leader
One hell of a hike

My gorgeous cuz Dania, Mona amd Me !!!

What’s your take on winter?
Do you love it or Like me would rather not have to go through it.

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox


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