This girl has style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all the gorgeous ladies out there,

Ok it’s Friday and i’m exhaused so it’s going to be a mini post.

Meet the gorgeous Suthu, a friend, a work mate and a style inspiration.
It was a lovely day here in Melbourne and she rocked up to work in this gorgeous bubble dress she brought back from her recent trip to South Africa.
I want one too.

I told you the girl has style
Lovely as always

such a calming experiencing walking through this park every morning

A little sit down before heading home to gather a my thoughts

Getting dark…..time to head home

Love you all,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


One thought on “This girl has style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. wooh that dress is gorgeous.
    she has style alright.
    How lucky u get to walk through that everyday?
    Hope i never hear u complaining about work again šŸ˜›

    nice blog
    Rachel xoxox


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