Here it is..hehehehe

 Hello ladies,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Ok so my weekend went something like this: one mintue I was celebrating Friday and before I could  get my head around it, it was Monday morning another week to get through……grrr
So heres what I got up to On my weekend: Saturday was spent at the cousins home enjoying a lovely family day. Sunday out shopping with the little cousins at Southland.
Awesome time spend with the little cupcakes…. love them to bits mashallah

The Highlight would have to be Planet Chocolate.

Enough said


Best liquid chocolate out!!!!!!

My beautiful Niece Nada


that just says it all


Jacket: Charcole Dress: Renesa  Bag: Primark Boots: Novo
Ahh those stairs

kick back!!!!!!!!!!

OMG the train!!!!!!

 Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Here it is..hehehehe

  1. Oh yummmm! You girls must've really enjoyed that! Although I'm at Brissy now I'm a Melbournian too, but now I gotta walk into a cafe up here that serves chocolate like that. I <3 my chocolate.


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