Here comes the bride………….

Hey ladies,

It’s been a while since I last posted and it sucks soo badly.
I had made a promise to post more often this time around, I feel like i’m falling back into some familiar patterns.
I had a very busy week with 40 hour shifts at work and uni assignment as well. Oh did I also mention I will be having exams in 4 weeks time too.
Ok enough sooking from my end.
So how did you guys find the royal wedding? It was good to have that occuping our tv screens instead of all the terrible stuff were use to seeing I guess.
Everyone has had a say on the dress and everything else so I guess I have to have mine 😛
To be honest I was not a fan of the dress. All the fuss and it some how just did’nt do it for me.
She is beautiful mashallah regardless but come on!!!!!
I have worked with an Australian bridal gown designer  Hilde Heim the last year or so and I have seen better dresses.
Just my opinion ofcourse. hahahaha 
I had to get it off my chest.. it’s not like it got to me or anything 😛

Here comes the bride………

Lovely bride

Why were people suprised at how modest the gown was?

Reception gown

There you have it..
A little harsh from my end or Is it justified when you think about the price tag.

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


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