ASOS bargain arriving one at a time :)

Hey ladies,

Hope were all doing well wherever you maybe.
I have been having one of those weeks, you know were you kinda of haven’t really achieved much yet some how just some how you feel satisfied with that little bit. ahhhh Alhamdulliah for everything!!!!!!!!

Last week I did the unthinkable and visited the Asos site. The aim was to BROWSE only.
My mind was telling me ‘you don’t have the money”, just don’t buy for the sake of it and amongst many other very wise things. Forty minutes later going through the winter sales and I stumbled across some beauties.
I know I’m an impulsive buyer and I need help!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways here are the beauties I’m waiting to get my hands on:

Must have Cardi for any Hijabi

Love the Skirt… just praying it’s as good on

A bit of colour this winter

Sorta getting out of my comfort zone with this one

I can’t wait to get into this cable dress

There you have it.
I’m an Implusive shopper and it sucks more then ever.
So anything you ladies like?
Was it worth the impulsive buy or a big thumps down 😦

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


4 thoughts on “ASOS bargain arriving one at a time :)

  1. LOL I hear you! Loud and clear! Asos does that to a woman! :))) The maxi cardis… I ordered the same in navy… sorta living in it actually :))) I am waiting on a sand colour one (probably coming in tomorrow hehe). I think the cable knit dress is going to look awesome on you. Can't wait to see you display it :))) and the blue grey dress… actually looks interesting and I remember looking at it too, but then thought, nah not for me 🙂 but for you, it would definitely look damn fine girl! I can't wait for your order to come in :))) the best thing about it is FREE SHIPPING! :))))


  2. hehehhe im about to post something exactly like this hehehe i got the black cable dress on monday haven't worn it yet but i shall soon!!!
    YEY to ASOS!!!!!


  3. Hey beautiful,
    I hear you loud and clear about Asos begin dangerous for women.
    I had the sand colour delivered 2 days ago and i love it. sooo long and easily worn with anything. I can't wait for them to arrive and share it here.
    Thanks for your awesome support hun.

    love always,
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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