Out and about in Melbourne!!!!!!!!!

Hello to all the gorgeous ladies,

Hope your all well inshallah.
I spent the day out in Melbourne shopping and eating out with my older sister which was awesome. We haven’t really had  the time recently to have an entire day out together. Soo alhamdulliah we really enjoyed every minute of it 🙂
You would think that we live hours apart but we share the same bloody room. It amazes me how days and weeks go by without doing anythings together.(A lot of it is to do with my crazy work hours)
A sister bonding session was the best way to end the week.
So off to South Wharf DFO we went, a bit of shopping took place which was was fun and then wondered along the Yarra until we got hungry (and pay parking meter $$$$$$ only increasing by the min) .
Ok granted it wasn’t the best Melbourne weather to be out in but hey you can’t let the weather get the best of you. Specially if your living here. hahahhahaha you will be waiting forever.
As my sister was snapping a few pics for here, I realised that I wasn’t really sharing enough of my gorgeous city. Seriously I started to blog for that very reason. Not happy at all with myself 😦
So I decided there and then, when my camera arrives next week I will showcase to you all, why I live in the best city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here’s a few snaps of my day out and about in Melbourne:

Melbourne yarra side


Finally my new Asos cable skirt

Primark Cardi

My Marc. B bag
Outside the Melbourne Convention Center


Gloomy day

a sneak peep into a  Hilton restaurant

two of my fav restaurant on the waterfront

Docklands sculptures

There you have it had a wonderful time with the sis and I share my Asos purchases from a previous post. Happy camper I say 🙂

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox


8 thoughts on “Out and about in Melbourne!!!!!!!!!

  1. HR it is awesome. I have worn it 3 days and i know it can get me through this coming winter. It has not disappoint the $18 spent on it.hahaha

    Thanks for supporting my blog gorgeous. mwah


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