HFW Day 4

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So today’s category was about what you would wear on a date. 
It wasn’t a tough chose as I have been dying to put this dress/abaya for months courtesy of Edb designs.  I love it to bits I can’t begin to explain. My style is feminine with a bit of bling. So this dress is perfect for a special night out with Mr. Right.
I’m not so sure on the scarf but I can’t for the life of me find something else. The Shoes are the best thing I have purchased this year. Gota love Miss selfridge.
As for the clutch not loving it but should do right. hahaha. 
My coral ring as seen many times here is courtesy of Diva.


This was heaps of fun to put together. Hope you enjoyed the pics just as much 🙂
OMG thank you ladies soo much for your support. I have 20 followers awesome!!!!!!!
Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox

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