HFW Day 6- Vacation Wear

So what would you  wear that allows you to be comfy but of course always stylish while away. No fashionista is going to forget how to be trendy hey.
Here’s my take on Vacation and fashion.
Ok so I’m not the most experienced traveller out there,  really I have only been OS once and visited like 6 cities  in like 2 months. But I learnt very quickly what worked for me. Travelling with elderly people and a mother and child was hard. Being single apparently I was always free handed. Anyways it was an experience like no other in my young 23 years. hahaha. So in Egypt my maxi dresses and skirts were on continuous rotation. Modest and perfect for the heat. A Hijabi should always wear pants just incase you want to do some crazy water activities even if your wearing a maxi dress…. It was crazy but worth it (See below).
My ideal holiday was alhamudlillah enjoyed in Sharm el-Sheikh in November 2010. My brother gave me the holiday like no other because he is Simply  awesome. We stayed at a resort which was beautiful, quiet and most of all Clean. I had a ball.
So here’s me enjoying my stay in Sharma el Sheik:

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A vacation indeed


So there you have it, my vacation wear is always comfy but you know elegant and trendy won’t hurt.
Hope you like the pic overload on my blogs.
Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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