Sharing some French Crepe’s

Hey lovely ladies,

I have to admit it has been awhile once again between posts. I hate that feeling when I want to post straight after an outing or an idea that comes to mind. Only to find myself pressed for time. Grrrr
Anyways enough of my whinging for the time being. I would like to share a little spot in Melbourne I accidently came across some months ago. Ohh offcourse I completely forgot once I left there. hehehe
So again I stumbled across it last Friday while running some errands in the city. Scott Alley is located off Flinders lane with just three or four stores. The best of them being the awesome French Creperie. It’s called Roule Galette. I love French Crepe and these guys make them just perfect. Ohh and offcourse add the French accent that takes over the tiny little cafe coming from the waiters. All in all you really can’t go wrong.
I had a successful day with the shopping but was soo glad to have taken a few snaps of these tiny lane and alleys that add so much character to Melbourne. I love them and hope to find some more beauties to come.

Until then Enjoy a few of these snaps:

A bit of Character

Beautiful architecture

These buildings are beautiful

Something about this window has Italy all over it… balcony..stripes????

Here it is………

I liked this shop window…nice cape

Absolutely fresh Strawberries

My yummy latte n Crepe

Yours truly
A lovely day all round in Melbourne’s CBD and inshallah more to come as I explore my beautiful city.
Hope you enjoy these pics and more to come.
Until then……………
Take care
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxox

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