Braving the cold

Hey Ladies,

Hope your all well inshallah.

As many of you would already know we Melbournians are struggling everyday with the cold day and nights. A winter that has come upon us like no other.  So what does y Melbourne and her awesome cousin do on Sunday….. you guessed it………..go out in the cold gloomy weather for coffee. Hahahahaha according to everyone at home we were crazy!!!!!!!

Unfazed  by the horrid cold we headed off in search for coffee. Some 10 minutes later we find Waterside Cafe. True to its name it was by the lake. Crazy right……. It was quite funny because she was not willing to get out. After all the effort of keeping her entertained she told me I should go and get her coffee to go. I did convince her to get out thank god.

Here are the pictures….




Marwa enjoying her beaky


clearly bothered by the necklace


Delicious lemon meringue




Just realised how amazing the sky looks..

that was at noon mind you



Apparently she was cold…hehehe


There you go cold Sunday morning and but still managed to make the most out of it.


Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Braving the cold

  1. HR Omg we should catch up there on a cold sunday inshallah
    I live one suburb down but I enjoy that lake regardless of the weather.
    It reminds me of the late summer afternoon we spent the last few summers.

    Trendy Melbourne xoxox


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