A Stroll through Carlton…..

Hello ladies,

Wishing you all the best of health Inshallah.

I had a day off last Monday and thought of making the most out of it. I have to say i love having a Monday off, the weekend has that extra bit of awesomeness about it.

We went to Carlton, a suburb minutes out of the CBD. I love it so much!!!! It has a rich sense of history, culture and age. Walking the streets lined with beautiful warm cafes and restaurants perfect  on a cold winter day. The other thing I love about Carlton are the small boutique stores. It could be fashion or homeware your bound to find a beauty.

We settled for Ratherdowne St for some late breaky and coffee with my sister and cousin. We walked in to the Food store , a small cafe with a cute fire place where we sat and sipped our coffee away. Once seated by the warm fire place and in the cosy surrounds of the cafe you forget the nippy cold weather outside. 

After sometime we took to the street to window shop the handful stores that were open for a Monday. To my disappointment I found that the store I was looking forward to seeing had closed down. I was guttered because I thought I was going to find yet another bargain as I had done on my last visit. See here


Here are the pictures….…






Perfect way to keep away from the cold



texting at the table..how rude right??




The stores… love the Victorian designs




Victorian homes lined the streets




If only you could of seen the store….

I was asked not to take pics Sad smile




Denim jacket: Forever New

Skirt: H&M

Scarf: sisters

Handbag: Hermes Birkin



My day off was thoroughly enjoyed with the girls strolling the streets of Carlton.

There is more to come.. stay tuned for the next edition of my street strolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohh i’ll leave you with a hint… Melbourne’s own little Italy Smile with tongue out



Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


6 thoughts on “A Stroll through Carlton…..

  1. Aww mashallah seems like a beautiful city! And you look gorgeous mashallah! Btw is that a real hermes birkin bag?? Coz if it is must've cost a fortune hehe looks hot ❤


  2. Thanks Hun.
    I love Melbourne really. Alhamdullaih I live in a place I adore soo much.
    About the Hermes Birkin bag… ahhhh nooooooooo I wish!!!!!!!
    No really i wouldn't spend that much on a name. I love fashion but i will not in slave myself to it in that way. Inshallah not hahahah

    It's a good replica brought by a friend in Indonesia.


  3. Hehe me again. Yeah that's true, wouldn't spend that much on a name either 🙂

    I found your blog through hijab revival. I just moved to Melbourne so everything seems very new to me and I haven't gotten the chance to really go exploring, inshallah once the hecticness calms down I will be up and out everyday! 😛



  4. Hello to my fellow Melbournian. Great to here that.
    Omg hope you settle down and take the time to go out and about inshallah.

    Isn't Hijab Revival just an awesome blog.. She is beautiful inside out Mashallah 🙂

    much luv
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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