Lygon Street


Greetings to all the lovely ladies out there,

Hope your all well and in good health inshallah.

As proposed on my last post the second edition of my street strolls is here……..If you live in Melbourne or have visited this beautiful city you would have seen or heard of Lygon street. It’s our Italy put simply.

If your after a great coffee to go with a great chat in a cafe with the special people in your life then this is the place. Seriously non of that automatic coffee machine that dispense horrid coffee. You only need to get yourself down to Brunetti and see for yourself. You will find coffee beans from around the world. Amazing mouth watering desert I can go on but this post is about the whole of Lygon street not just Brunetti.

Look Lygon st is not only good for coffee.. it’s just that I love my coffee sooo much Smile with tongue out

So why all the love you ask? well it was that lasting impression left with me.  I’m talking about some 5 years ago while I was still at school. As part of our study camp we were staying a few blocks from Lygon st. It was during summer, which meant the streets were filled with shoppers and people getting away from there cramped apartments. The restaurants were packed as were all the awesome Gelati stores that lined the street. We were taken there for dinner, and It was that awesome atmosphere that remains with me every time I venture on to Lygon st.   





I love that trench coat






Marwa enjoying window shopping





Gloomy Melbourne





On our stroll





It’s winter alright. Not a single leave on the trees






I like this building… not sure why?






Best cafe in Carlton… brilliant atmosphere + newly renovated too






A restaurant window off Lygon st…looked super cosy




Hope you can see what I see in my beautiful city from the lens of my camera… I’m sorry if you fail to see truly what a wonderful city Melbourne is.

But I promise I will continue to learn and continue to share with you all the time what puts a smile on my face Smile



Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxoxo


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