Harper Seven..Really?????????

heyy lovlie ladies,

You see my blog is all about me and what tickles my fancy every now and then but occasionally as you do I delve in that magazine and surprise myself with what’s happening.
So this afternoon I came across the news that the Beckhams have enjoyed the great news in the birth of the baby girl. The pictures look beautiful…. BUT how did they come naming their new bundle of joy you ask………….. what do you say to Harper Seven Beckham… thats right you heard me sister. HARPER SEVEN.. are you for real.

Why do that to your child? 
Whats wrong with you know normal names???

Here’s a picture of the baby girl (can’t bring myself to typing it again,.. I can’t) with mum…..

awwwwwwwwww… would love a pic as perfect with mine one day 🙂

No offense people but the girl had to get it off her chest you know. Don’t get all made pleasssse

Luv always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


4 thoughts on “Harper Seven..Really?????????

  1. Honestly I think anything goes now, there are no limits in this dunia. My problem arises when I hear of Muslims naming their children names such as leaf, drop, etc, so sad, we have reverts changing their names so more religious ones and born Muslims trying to name their children 'modern' ones!


  2. I agreee Ebs. It's tongue in cheek really because whats new with celebrities.
    The naming of Muslim children modern names that have no meaning is sad. With amazing names available to us from the Prophets and companions of the Prophets.
    I have my fav names and can't wait to name my own children names of greats in islam with the intention that one day they live to that name inshallah.


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