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Hey lovely ladies,

Hope your all well and enjoying whatever life throws at you.

Todays post is going to be a little different from my usual post. You know the outfit of the day or that lovely coffee out and about in Melbourne. So you ask what’s this different you speak off??? Ok if you know me I love fashion..(I wasn’t trying to be miss obvious) but not so much make up. If I’m not mistaken I haven’t yet posted about makeup.

So of course, you see there is always a first right. Okay so what has taken my fancy in makeup that has possessed me to post on it. Well how about no foundation or make up that compliment women of colour. That’s right women of colour. I guess it would be a lot easier if I lived in the US or England but I don’t and It stinks that I can’t go to the local department stores such as Myer or David Jones and you know find a consultant that knows what I’m taking about when I tell her I have to consider something called “UNDERTONE” when I pick my next foundation. Ahhh rant over. Okay I lie……. I’m only getting started.

I struggle to listen to the consultant because (no offence the talented makeup artist out there) but I have yet to find one that can tell me “because your undertone is more red- cooper this one works better then this shade” . So far  have not meet one 😦

Anyways so this post has been a long time coming you see. When I was in London last year I walked into Selfridge.Co and found a brand called Black Up. OMG I was amazed. Foundations in different shades that would satisfy any women of colour. Tones that matched and complimented my skin tone. I was thrilled to say the least.

Who are Black Up you ask?

Founded in 1999 black|Up Cosmetics is both the first makeup artist brand created and specialized for women of colour, respecting the unique nature of ethnic skins and celebrating their intrinsic beauty. The Company came about with a “desire to express creativity and drive innovation in the world of cosmetics”.


So I didn’t buy it at the time but the fact they deliver to Australia well It was enough. I have placed an order to arrive soon and will share it with you so you can see for yourself.

Here are what are on the way:

fond-de-teint-creme-poudre cream to power foundation



two way cake- compact powder



2-in-1 Khol Pencils to use as liner and eyeshadow.


There you have it. I love the products and can’t wait for these beauties to arrive.

Tell me what you think? have you used Black Up and what are your thoughts.

Look forward to hearing your take on it.

Wooh we have come to the end of a loooooooooooong post. Soo sorry to drag on. I just had to get off my chest 😛



Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo

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2 thoughts on “Black Up

  1. Thnx hun. hehehe ur soo funny.
    Don't get me wrong i'm proud of my skin colour but Being dark like everything else we have and don't want has it's down times.
    p.s I like Ebsy websy.. cracked me up.

    I luv u loads sis
    Trendy Melbourne xoxox


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