Feed the Famine Fundraiser Dinner coming a long beautifully


Hey guys,

Hope your all well and enjoying this blessed month of Ramadan with all your loved ones.

A few weeks ago now, the beautiful blogger behind Sorayya and a dear friend started a fundraiser group to send to the Famine stricken Somalia. Mashallah (with the will of Allah) and the determination to make it work it has become a massive event. A Iftaar Dinner (breaking the fast) fundraiser for women has come together within a few weeks. Venue allocated and volunteers sorted and Alhamdulliah it is coming along beautifully. And of course people also donating through the Facebook group SOMALIA FAMINE FUNDRAISER.

As I said in my previous post regarding the Famine we need to do something. Anything to ensure we provided some form of assistance. If every individual took it upon themselves to respond to such calamities we will sleep better at night. Those of us that live comfortable lives only do so through the will and mercy of the Almighty therefor we need not to be HEEDLESS.

Give and keep giving because we will not be forever in this comfortable position we are today.

To finish off I would like to remind you and me of the beauty of giving in this beautiful verse from the holy Quran:



(Charity is) the right of those poor who have been restricted (from earning their livelihood) in the cause of Allah. They cannot even move about in the land (due to their whole time involvement in matters of Din [Religion]). Because of their (ascetic) aversion to greed, the unwise (knowing little about their state of heart and soul) consider them wealthy. You will recognize them from their appearance. They do not ask people (for help) at all lest they should humble themselves (before them). And whatever wealth you give in charity, Allah indeed knows it well. (Al-Baqarah 2:273)


Visit the following page on Facebook and do your bit and give http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=188845037841633


Luv always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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