Eid Mubarak!!!!


Hi ladies,

Hope were all doing well. It has been sometime since my last post. So Ramadan posting was difficult but I managed to get some in.hehe Now it’s the celebration of Eid (Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan) . Wooh I know I’m delayed.. Yes you read right three days later (or 4 depends when you celebrated Eid) I’m blogging on it NOW!!!!!!!

Sorry man… I tried really hard to get it in on time but I FAILEDDDDDDDD. Anyways It was a lovely Eid spent with my family and friends.

Ohh by the way my pics are from the neck down because I wasn’t wearing my Scarf and forgot to take decent ones with it on…. OK maybe one might make the cut… Maybe will see 😛

Enjoy… Once again Hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones.




My nephews enjoying the Eid lanterns


Dad with his grandkids 🙂


Olive the clown.. she kept the kids entertained

BUT I still hate CLOWNS 😦




My Gorgeous Cousin Mona and me



Beautiful Mashallah



My other beautiful newly Wed cousin Bec.. Love her to bits..

Mashallah I love her Abaya



Ours truly


I tried to take decent pic…






My Outfit:

Skirt- Forever New – click here to see how I also wore it previously

Beaded belt- Forever New

Lace top- borrowed from my sister..hehe

Cream basic top underneath lace top- borrowed from the sis (from Egypt)

Neckless: Kinki Gerlinki click her to see more

Floral bracelet- Dorothy Perkins London

Shoes: Miss Selfridge London


There you have it … end of the post.

Love Always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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