On the sad passing of Wangari Mathaai – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Hey ladies,

This post is going to be different to my normal fashion related post. This one is more putting out there for people to get to know a wonderful person that has made a difference to many she came across.
I’m a big fan of Aljazeera English. I have watched all the great interviews with international leaders and peace activist. Watching this particular interview was a special one. This one women was simply inspirational. Wangari Mathaai is a Kenyan women who went out to make a difference for women who suffer to live their daily life. A women that empowered so many with a simple idea to give them something back. She started the Green Belt Movement. She got women to plant trees and earn money. In warring nations the simple act of collecting wood for women came at a great expense. Women were kidnapped and raped by soldiers and rebel gorrialors.
A Worthy Nobel Prize winner although many disputed it. Her passing away came to me as a shock having not read much about her illness. She went through a cancer battle in silence and passed away. She will be remember for years to come.
Please take the time to read the below link to get more insight into the life of a women that empowered many around her.

On the sad passing of Wangari Mathaai – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

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