Tuesday blues

Hey there lovelies,

Hope your all well.
I’m on the train heading to work and doing my blog post. Hehehe I did say that I love the Blogger App and it’s come very handy today.
It’s been a tough week and it’s not getting easier. Alhamdulliah
I have a few post drafted up to come inshallah. A wedding post and to share a talent that I had the privilege meeting mashallah.
I’m now 3 stops from my destination and I should start attaching my images.

photo (2)

Love the deep maroon foliage of this tree
best scarf- forgot I was wearing one all day
photo (1)
Denim jacket- Forever New  Black coat- Forever New
Dress- Chelsea
Jeans- Zara Basic   Scarf- gift from Turkey  shoes- Cairo  
Necklace- Dotti  Bag- Venom

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


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