I feel good nananana so good


Hey there TM readers,
Hope your all good.
Again today I’m composing my post on the crowded train. I like it 🙂
Yesterdays post was a bit of a downer. I want to apologies. Since my last post I met a sister that mashallah taught me a lot. It’s amazing how people can have such an effect on you.
We can get so wand up in our problems and then you come across others And all of a sudden you say alhamdulliah (thank you Allah).
So I thought from today going forward I will continue to look to the positives and what I can learn from it hurdles that come my way.
So I make this conscious decision today and for me it starts with this post.
Forgive me for the dribble but I do come here to share my thoughts 🙂

Here’s what I wore to day:
Cream crop jacket, square scarf, black maxi skirt (will update later) handmade beaded ring-Egypt quilt bag- Venom(repeat)





Take care,
Trendy Melbourne xoxox


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