I love weddings.. I do


This post is a collection of pictures I have been meaning to post of late. It’s of two weddings I have been to and didn’t update at the time.

Weddings are heaps of fun are they not. I love the occasion whether its family or not. Some people  make a huge deal and it becomes an affair of trying to out do themself. I know that many find it too hard and time consuming when it shouldn’t be. I don’t know I just think of looking presentable and look forward to a great night out with the sister and friend’s.


Doesn’t she just look amazing- classic look


I Love being around fun loving people- Great girls

-Supre skirt  –Forever New top-

–Purple long sleeve – Egypt  –Sorayya Design hijab


My Cousins Wedding


Photographer had fun with the dress.. can you tell



-yours truly-


Dress details- sorry about the dirty mirror 😛



-Dress- Egypt-

-My accessories- Imposters-

-Clutch- Forever New- 

Note: heavy editing required to pics because TM was not covered at the wedding.

Hope you like Red heart

Much love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


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