Lace I Love


Hey ladies,

Today here in Melbourne we had your majesty the Queen of England grace her presence. The fan fair and formal blah blah that followed was astounding. Roads blocked, people lining the streets and me very close to beging late for work . Not happy. I went all the way to London and didn’t see the point and she comes here and takes over my city.. really??

I was not impressed at all. All the fuss and chaos for a 3 hours visit is all she can give. Typical don’t you think.

Anyways It was a nice day here so at least the Melbourne weather put out a better display then your majesty. Lol

So here is what I wore Smile 









Lace cardigan- random shop- top-H&M- Skirt-H&M

Hijab-Cotton On –Ring- Lovisa

Enjoy your day Smile

Take Care

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


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