I’ve got the blues

Hello there TM readers,

Hope were all doing ok.
I have just come back from the airport after farewelling my sister and her family as well as my sister in-law and my nephew and niece. Off to Sudan, Abu Dhabi and hopefully to Saudi Arabia to preform ummrah following that. Leaving me here twiddling my thump. I could sooo do with a break.
I want to go to UMMRAH toooo!!!!!!
O Allah please don’t deprive us from visiting you. Ya rabb.
They will be missed dearly by all of us here.
May Allah make it a safe and easy trip.

Here’s a few pics

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


4 thoughts on “I’ve got the blues

  1. Kreamah thank you. He is a little cutie pie. I miss him sooo much.

    Hiba I knw exactly what u mean. I kissed him soo much before they left and it wasn't enough. Can't wait to skype them soon.
    Thanks for the compliment Hun.


  2. hah no worries sis and i wish i got to kiss him good bye he was cranky rhe day we went to see them on saturday before they went so i cant wait til they're bak give him a big kiss wen u see them on skype and send our love


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