Tassels are in


Hey there lovelies,

TM has been busy with stuff- not sure what??? but stuff taking up my blogging time. Always something or somewhere I got head off to. Lets hope this week is going to be chilled out. Inshallah

Sometime ago I was surfing the web and found these pictures of tassels on just about everything. I love them and I just notice that I own some items that have them too. A head of the trend this time around 😛


Here are the pics:

Hot_Shots_May11_Tassel_03 YSL- divine


Love the colour-blocking- Gold looks FAB





Google search found this- Funky right



Yours truly with the Venom bag- tassels in motion


This Vintage scarf- I heart a lot




Necklace- Ice


Hijab again with some sort of tassel


There you go- Hope you like


Stay tunes for my Eid outfit inshallah coming soon.


Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo

Note- Pictures used in my post were found in a general google search- No offence if it belongs to anyone- I used what was from a general search.


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