Why I love my Jewellery??


Hey Ladies,

Hope I haven’t killed you with my full on serious posts of late. lol
This post is an easy one. My love for jewellery. Its sad I can’t have enough.But I stopped feeling guilty when I started to reuse my Jewellery in different ways.  You see its my way of convincing myself that my obsession is not so bad. Lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few pictures:

photo (2)


-Awesome shot Hiba-


-Diva necklace as a head piece- adds soo much to this outfit-


-I love this necklace- Sister with the awesome taste (Diva)-


-Head piece on a vibrant coloured hijab- works a treat-


-Used necklace as a belt to dress up my black skirt-


-removed the bow and used as a hijab brooch-


-My vintage necklace now a belt-

There you have it. My take on re-using my jewellery. It’s not genius but hey I tried 😛


Much love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


5 thoughts on “Why I love my Jewellery??

  1. samra you are so skinny that you can fit that necklace on your waist masha allah..oih yer and your welcome for the photography and btw me being the resident photographer im always here fore you
    xo oh yer and did i tell you that i was 5 minutes away from david beckham!!! too bad i cnt go to the game :(we need to get together soon i miss my camera 🙂


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