Sneak peek- camp trip


On Friday my family, extended family and friends went on a three day camp trip to the sticks. It was three beautiful, relaxing and memorable days. Loved every minute of it Alhamdulillah. Why won’t it be a wonderful time. I was surrounded by my loved ones and of course the beauty that is nature.

Here is a pic that basically summed up my getaway





Take care,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo

p.s will finish the post tomorrow- long day at work and is about to collapse. 


2 thoughts on “Sneak peek- camp trip

  1. hahah that trip really did make us all tired it actually changed my sleeping patterns lol cant wait to see wat pics u gnna choose to put up coz ive seen all of them and i suggest u put the ones of “the final photoshoot” that we done before eating on our last day 😉


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