Jade and Black


This is my outfit post- it’s been awhile since I did a proper post. I wore this outfit to work and later went to visit my cousin who’s off to Egypt. I would love to join. I really miss it… never thought to ever say that soo soon. I miss travelling soo much.

On another note Can I just say to every single one of my awesome 47 FOLLOWERS.


My Outfit






Lovisa bracelet


My new pair of Novo Wedges- Very comfy

Tempt-jacket Cotton On- Tank H&M-Skirt


Pictures courtesy of Hiba and my niece Hajar

Love you all,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


5 thoughts on “Jade and Black

  1. Hijab Files they are awesome I have to say. Not a huge wedge fan but i'm loving them.

    HR thank you habibi you girls are too awesome.

    Amina Thank you hun. Like I said Not a wedge fan but these are awesome for the summer. If they are comfy for work its an instant LOVE


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