With over 60 FOLLOWERS (I never thought I’d go past 1 TBH) I need to say thank you and with that try and reward you for your support. I can’t say enough how nice it is to know someone somewhere appreciates a picture or a place the same way you do. To come on here to post and share an experience and be appreciated by you. To everyone of my followers here’s a big



The competition is easy to enter and win. Just put it on your blog, demand your followers to enter so they in return can reward you and themselves or simply get into your friends, you know the ones that always made you do stuff for them and had nothing to show for it. Well I guess it’s payback time and you get something. Come on I know you want these awesome prizes.

The Rules are as follows:

1. Start following my blog and if your just too awesome and already a follower get your family, friends and anyone you know to get on here and FOLLOW.

2. They then need to let me know how they got to my blog via email at or comment below.

3. The Followers/readers with the most referrals wins!!!!!!!

4. There are three winners (soo generous is TM)

It can’t get any easier right soo what you waiting for????

Competitions ends Sunday February the 5th 2012.

The prizes are:

1st prize

DSC_0862  This beautiful hijab  




Gorgeous necklace


can be worn as an accessory

DSC_0984  Two finger ring


2nd prize



Hot pink tie dye hijab



Gold and mother of pearl bangles


3rd prize



Gold bird ring


So what you waiting for it’s time to

Picture 35201



Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo

P.s for any inquires please email me on


7 thoughts on “FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY

  1. Salaam, my sister talked me in to making a blog JUST so that she could be entered in to your competition lol 🙂 i cant wait to learn more about the world of muslimah blogging, i never knew this existed and i love looking at all the outfits that you guys put together! Any ways, here is her blog address:


  2. Salam An Avid Chef,
    Thank you for stopping by. Your sister is too kind and I can't wait to follow her back. The world of blogging has become another space that I come to express myself and share it with others. I'm glad to hear enjoying it. Thanks for following my blog 🙂

    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


  3. Salam sister! I discovered your blog a few months with seyma of hijab revivial…. and here is my first comment 🙂 I love your style, you're such an inspiration………….

    Much love from France


  4. Miss L thank you sooo much for stopping by. Your too kind and welcome to my blog. After following ur inspirational blogs for soo long it's nice to know u can enjoy mine.

    Much love
    Trendy Melbourne xoxoxo


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