Random night


After an exhausting day at work, I know how unaustralian right, working on Australia day. A friend and I spent our evening wondering the street of Melbourne. It was a lovely summers night. People in droves filled the streets as they continue their Australia Day celebration well into the night. The vibe in the air was fantastic as we strolled past cafes and restaurants full to the brim.I loved it and it was topped off with the Fireworks on the Yarra. The night was random because it just all fell together. One thing lead to the other.
Here are some pics:


Delicous strawberry and Ice- cream Crepe

These lanterns are soo beautiful-Celebrating Chines New year
There flowers were stunning- changing colours
Flame in the air
My outfit

Taken in the cbd, on the yarra promenade and Crown.

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox

Ps.sorry about pic quality. iPhone was only available


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