A Stroll to Unwind


Hey there ladies,

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend relaxing and doing the things you love.
On Friday I spent a fair chunk of my afternoon on campus meeting with course coordinators and on the phone to lectures on my quest to find the right course. Since quitting Uni two years to find a job and travel I have struggled with the thought of hitting the books again. Lack of motivation, earning decent money and no responsibility was to blame. However after much discussion and being able to see a clear picture where I was headed I have been able to breath a sigh of relieve. Alhamdulliah. This journey of trying to find the right course and still kinda looking, has taught me a lot. In the two years I have learnt more then any degree could of possibly taught me (just saying). Allah tests us in soo many ways but it is up to us to recognise it and pull through. I’m soo lucky to have an amazing family that continues to restore my faith when I’m down. Alhamdullaih wa Shukr Li Allah (all the thanks and gratitude is to Allah)

So a stroll through the park on might I add a glorious Friday here in Melbourne was the perfect way to unwind and really think through my options. Ohhh how much I just needed that. Subhanallah nature always does the job for me.

How do you unwind? What do you find works best for you?? I would love to hear from you 🙂

Here are the snaps









snaps of things from the Victorian era- my love






Now for my outfit:











stripe cardigan- Primark  Grey skirt- H&M  Hijab- Gift

Boots- Novo Bag- Zara Bracelet/ring- Equip


Ps- I’m in love with my newly purchased tripod and remote control. No more crappy outfit photos from this post and onward. I hope you like the quality of the pictures.


Much love,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


15 thoughts on “A Stroll to Unwind

  1. Ebs I tried to enroll in an interior design course at RMIT and another design course but both have been cancelled due to lack of numbers. That would be fab but Unfortunately I have walked away from the social sciences. I thought for too long it was my thing but I have failed miserably twice.
    I'm giving this design thing 1 more shot. Inshallah I can do something.


  2. Sarah I know. I knew at the time but once your earning money and not too much responsibility riding on your decisions It's hard to let go. Alhamdullaih for everything.
    NY would be too cold for a stroll for sure. I'm sure u can't wait to have sunshine again 😛


  3. I know what you mean! I've only been out of uni for a year, but the thought of going back (and doing Postgrad!) is scary to me. The fact that the workload this year is more than my entire undergrad is making me anxious about uni :/

    Glad the stroll took your mind off things and helped you think more clearly! I haven't been on a long walk in such a long time, my weekends are being wasted (blame the bad weather!) 😦


  4. It's nice to know someone get u.lol
    I'm sure u can ace the Postgrad. It's not easy. May Allah make it easy for you hun.

    It was great. Bad weather sucks and I can vouch for that thanks to Melbourne's crappy and unpredictable weather.
    luv u xoxoxo


  5. Thank you Sanaa for stopping by. It's nice to have you. I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Indeed it's a lovely city. The pashmina is very nice on. It's very true that it goes well with many outfits.
    Once again thanks for coming on and taking the time to comment.
    I'm following your blog now!!!
    tc xoxoxo


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