Blog Revamp



Hope your all well and I pray that it has been a flying start to the week for you all 😛

This has been a long time coming. My blog page with that horrid picture of me plastered everywhere is now GONE!!! I’m really sorry to do that to you all. Trendy Melbourne gathered some courage and and tested new waters by making a banner that actually fits these terrible templates. GRRRRRRR. NOW I need a show of hands. What you think of the new look TRENDY MELBOURNE. I tried I promise. I hope it is a better look and an even easier read. I will always endeavour to tweak things and make it better all the time.

YES/NO or have I missed the mark????

Thoughts would be much appreciated.


Enough of me .. I’ll see you soon with an outfit post Inshallah.


Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxoxoxo


14 thoughts on “Blog Revamp

  1. Ohh thats great to hear. I'm really loving it too. Already two posts in an hour.hehehe
    Thank you habibti. Natural shots always work.
    soo happy to hear you like the new look.
    ps- has the giveaway arrived hun???


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