Wrap it up

Hello to all my lovely TM readers,
Hope this post finds you all well and I Hope you all had a splendid weekend. I was to post about a few things as mentioned in my Friday post but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Currently I’m bed bound thanks to a horrible flu. I thought to at least use the pictures in my phone and make a post.
Why turbans you ask?? Well I’ve always admired the likes of Solange Knowles and other fashion icons going back as far as Grace Kelly that have time and time again pulled of the look so gracefully. So my cousin and I during a sleep over gave the turban hijab style a go. She looks amazing pulling the look off to perfection. Personally I’m not game enough to wear it out unless it looks as good as it looks on my gorgeous Mona.
It was heaps of fun and easy to do.

What do think of the turban style for hijabi?? Would you where it out?

Until Nxt time enjoy


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