Fashion is not about perfection

So apparently I don’t cut it when it comes to style- I’m not trendy, stylish and nor do I know my stuff therefor I shouldn’t blog. Ohh and apparently my pics and outfits are not perfect. An email sent by an anonymous is going to stop me from expressing myself the way I see fit. I asked if she can show me what is perfect, but ofcourse she doesn’t blog and put herself out there. Oh my god how bloody typical and convenient.

Love u all very much For your kind and genuine words of support every time.

Love always,
Trendy Melbourne xoxoxox


16 thoughts on “Fashion is not about perfection

  1. You know what there is always someone out there that wants to drag you down! Jealousy is a big problem unfortunately. We have all had our share and I wouldn't think twie about it! It's all a bit of fun and some people take it way too seriously!!! We love you that's all that matters. xxxxx


  2. ok so im the expert here samsam. As your blog gets bigger be prepared for more of the moronic and lame comments that clearly point to their own insecurities. It does hurt sometimes but then I try to remember that those people who send these sorts of messages/emails clearly have made the time to check out our stuff, keep coming back and have gone so far as contacting us therefore we must be really grating on their jealous nerves sooooooo really it is hurting no one but themselves! Keep your posts coming samy! xx


  3. Thank you beautiful. Ebs you crack me up!!!! It's really pointless exercise because only those who have enough self believe would be doing what we do on here. Soo easy to hide behind user names.


  4. I remember you telling me this and that's exactly what I thought when I came across the email. Must of really bothered her to email me about it. LOL I don't want to sound like a sore loser but I can take constructive Criticism but not just blatant finger pointing.

    Thanks for your amazing support form day one.
    Love u long time Seymooooo ā¤


  5. the fact that this person used the word “perfect” but couldnt define it is funny haha.

    you must be doing something right because this person has willingly spent alot of time on your blog in order to notice all these “imperfections”.

    pay no attention to the negativity. there's no way to please everyone. just keep the posts coming šŸ™‚


  6. Sis Sarah I know it says a lot about them really.It's really frustrating when my blog is really about me and not harming anyone else. Ohh well i'll just keep blogging.
    Thanks for all your support ā¤


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