I’m loving chartreuse yellow


How amazing is this colour??? I came across it for the first time while on a tram ride in the city and a girl gets on wearing a skirt in this colour paired with a beautiful white tank top. She looked amazing but I was glued to the floor length skirt moving to a rhythm of the tram. It was mesmerising to say the least. Chartreuse is a the name of the colour. A French word I had to google it because I’d never heard of it.

Check it out:



Olivia Palermo looking amazing- love the electric blue combo and that necklace is too cool for words

images (47)images (52)images (57)images (58)images (59)Ziyi Zhang  chartreuse Armani gown--Golden Globes_2006_shedding red carpet

Love the harem pants and that dress

images (45)-tile

How awesome does it look in home decor!!!!!!


Do you like the colour?? How would you wear it???

Love always,

Trendy Melbourne xoxox


7 thoughts on “I’m loving chartreuse yellow

  1. samra what are you saying charte… yellow ??? my eyes are telling me lime green!! green not yellow!! hehe lime green-dina toki-o's colour 🙂


  2. This color especially looks fabulous on summery skin tones (like tan, bronze, chocolatey etc…although anyone with any skin tone can wear it!!)If I were to wear it, I'd probably wear it as a headscarf 😉



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